Profile Of A Typical Technical Writer

Every technical writer is a unique individual, so it's obviously problematic to construct a profile that will describe each and every one. However, there are a few characteristics that most technical writers (at least those who are successful and well-suited to their career) share.

  1. Most technical writers are well-educated: The majority of technical writers have a formal education and at least one university degree. Many have a college degree in a writing-related field such as English, journalism, or communications. Others have a background in engineering, computer science, biotechnology, or another highly technical field. Increasingly, successful technical writers have both a writing and a technical background. Some individuals also have a degree in technical communications.
  2. Technical writers have an interest in and an aptitude for technical subjects: Most technical writers are reading about scientific and technical topics even when they're not working. They are the people who can figure out how to install and use software and program VCRs - they actually look forward to trying out the latest electronics. In short, learning more about technical topics is a passion as well as a job.
  3. Many enter technical writing from different fields: Many individuals who work as technical writers had other careers before they entered the field. Fiction authors and journalists, for example, enter technical writing because of the good pay and high demand for qualified individuals. Engineers, computer professionals, and other technical experts who are also interested in writing may decide to enter the technical writing field because they feel the job is an ideal way to put their skills and knowledge to good use.
  4. Technical writers take their jobs seriously: For the technical writer, researching and writing documents isn't just a fun pastime. It's a very demanding career. Individuals who are successful work diligently to complete every project and turn in the best work possible.

Last Updated: 05/05/2014