Visit Technical Writing Sites

The Internet has a wealth of information about almost every aspect of technical writing, and spending some time online can help you improve your craft. Here are the types of sites you should look for if you're interested in making your writing even better:

Sites offering samples and templates: There are many sites out there that offer samples of different types of technical documents. You can use them to develop samples of your own or find out how you should lay out the business plan or white paper that has just been assigned to you. Templates can also be quite useful. You can tweak them to comply with your client's specifications, and then essentially fill in the blanks to create a neat and well-formatted work.

Sites that provide guidelines about specific types of documents: There are many blogs and websites that are devoted to telling visitors how to write specific types of technical documents. You can expect to find information about layout, tone, sections that should generally be included, and general dos and don'ts.

Sites that discuss common technical writing errors: Sometimes we can learn the most by observing the mistakes of others, which is why visiting sites that discuss common errors can be a great tool to help you improve your craft. You might even consider printing off some lists of common mistakes and consulting them before you hand in assignments to make sure those errors aren't present in your own work.

Sites that have interactive forums: Forums are wonderful tools that let Internet-users share their insight and knowledge almost instantly. Finding a forum that is frequented by other technical writing professionals is something that can help you improve your craft. When you come across something you are not sure about or have a question about a project you are working on, it's as easy as posting about your problem and waiting for the responses (and possible solutions) to roll in.

Last Updated: 05/05/2014