What Are The Major Advantages Of A Career In Technical Writing?

Every year, people all around the world decide to pursue a career in technical writing. Like every job, technical writing does have its downsides, but there are also some major advantages. Here are the biggest benefits of a technical writing career:

  1. Technical writers will be high in demand for many years to come: Young people in the process of deciding on a career are often told to choose something they love, but that's not much good if there are no career opportunities in their field of choice. There is a great demand for technical writers, and this demand will likely remain high for many years to come. Technical writing isn't a short-term career that is likely to disappear over the next decade or so. Companies will always need talented people to write user manuals, assembly instructions, and help files. With more people using computers and electronics, it's quite likely that there will be even more work for technical writers in the coming years.
  2. Technical writing offers the opportunity to earn a lucrative living: A common misconception about writers in general is that they are starving artists, people who barely make enough to pay their bills. While this is true of some writers (most poets don't earn a substantial pay check, for example), technical writers have the opportunity to make a great living at what they do. Many companies are willing to pay top dollar to hire people with exemplary writing skills, so you could make a comfortable or even an absolutely outstanding living.
  3. For most technical writers, telecommuting is possible: Some companies still want everyone they hire to come into the office to complete their work, but this is slowing changing. More companies are turning to freelancers as a way to cut costs and secure the skills and knowledge they need, and telecommuting is commonly offered as an option. As a freelance technical writer, you can expect to be able to complete most of your projects from home. That means you can avoid commute times, explore opportunities in other states, and create your own schedule to a point, all significant benefits of a career in technical writing.
  4. Technical writing is a career that offers variety: If you've ever had an office job, you know how mundane and boring it can be. Often, it feels like every day is the same, that you're stuck doing the same tasks again and again. As a technical writer, you'll probably find that every day is different. One day you might be interviewing an SME about a new product; the next day you could be collecting screen shots for a help file. You'll constantly be learning new skills and information that you'll need to perform in your job. This type of variety can enhance the level of enjoyment you get from your career and make your work days fun and exciting rather than routine and ordinary.

Last Updated: 05/05/2014